4 Options To Deal With Old And Damaged Windows To Renovate Your Home And Improve Energy Efficiency


When you have old, outdated windows in your home, you want to consider ways to improve them. Some of the improvements that you may consider include installing replacement windows, shutters, window treatments, or glass films. Each of these improvements has specific benefits. The following options will help you deal with old and damaged windows to renovate your home and improve energy efficiency: 1. Repairing Damaged Trim and Updating Insulation to Stop Air Leaks

18 March 2019

Keeping Your Home Secure with Window Installation


Today, more than 4,000 burglaries happen on a regular basis. There are a lot of factors that go into this matter, but you'll need to protect your house by starting with quality window installation and other fixes. By touching base with a home window replacement professional near you, it's easier for you to prevent these break-ins and keep everyone in your household safe.  To learn more about getting the window installation that will protect you most, keep reading.

7 February 2019

Passive Heating And Cooling Strategy — Could It Help Your Utility Costs?


Have you ever heard of the passive heating and cooling strategy? Basically, passive heating and cooling is a conjunction of windows, ventilation, sun, windows, and shade to help control the temperature inside your home—all of these elements can work together to naturally maintain a greater level of comfort in the home. Here, you'll learn a little more about this strategy. What are the benefits of passive heating and cooling? The main benefit of utilizing this strategy is that you will enjoy energy savings on both your heating and cooling bills.

24 October 2018

4 Ways To Deal With Interior Condensation On Your Windows


Condensation on your windows can be annoying and can make it hard to look out and enjoy the view of your window. Luckily, there are various steps you can take to reduce the condensation on the inside of your windows. #1. Turn Down Your Humidifier The first thing you need to do is turn down your humidifier if you are running one in your home. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, so if you have too much moisture in your home, you are going to end up with condensation on your windows.

28 September 2018

Why A Homeowner Should Use Roller Shades


A house that has a lot of windows in every room is like a dream, especially when there is a nice view to the outside. No matter how nice the windows are, hanging up the wrong type of coverings can interfere with the advantages they have to offer. If you want to enjoy the benefits of your amazing view, it is ideal to use roller shades. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to use roller shades rather than the typical blinds that homeowners use.

22 August 2018

Why Window Tints?


Window tints aren't just for automobile glass. A professional window tint, when properly applied, can be a game changer on your residential or commercial fixtures. Often, homeowners mistakenly think that window insulation and efficiency just comes down to the thickness of the sash, the design of the panes, the material, or the weatherstripping. While all of these factors are obviously significant when it comes to heat transfer, solar efficiency, and heat loss, the tint of your glass is also a major issue.

18 July 2018

Three Reasons You Should Not Install Windows Yourself


The Internet has made it easier than ever to figure out how to do your own home repair projects. You can watch videos or read guides to help you determine how to complete many tasks on your own. However, while there are likely online guides and tutorials, window installation is a project that the average homeowner should not take on themselves. If you are thinking about installing windows yourself, here are three reasons you should leave this task to the professionals.

14 June 2018